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08.09.2023 @ Mahogany Hall Bern 

We are back at our favourite venue in Bern for another full band show, yes including horns. Com boogie with us! 

04.08..2023 @ Gloryfestival Bern 

We have the honour to play at this beautiful festival in our own neighbourhood... lovely !

23.09.2023 @ A love beyond Zermatt 

Ever seen the Matterhorn ? If not heres a good occasion to head up to the mountains and watch us play in front of the most famous postcard picture ever. ;) 

free of charge

Past Gigs

Here is a list of all (or most of them) the gigs we have played in the past. Thanks for being there <3 

21.07.2021 Private Rooftop Gig                                       

27.07.2021 Gig @ Fayan's place (we love you man)

31.07.2021 Stubekonzärt @ Bluemisstei (B'arts) 

01.08.2021 Gig @ Suuri Zunge (Welcome Lewis)

02.08.2021 Gig @ Dorffest Weggis w/ Alessia

05.08.2021 Gig @ Sur le pont Bern 

14.08.2021 Gig @ Rathausgasse (what an evening)

20.08.2021 Private Rooftop Gig Bümpliz 

04.09.2021 Rock n' Rave (we love playing in nature)

02.03.2021 Gig @ C2 Collective (like twice) 

03.05.2021 WG Gig 

21.10.2021 Gig @ Manud Zermatt (first 4 piece) 

30.10.2021 @ Inlakech Bern 

06.11.2021 @ Inch Club Fiesch 

-Winterbreak (Recording Session @ Influx) 

05.03.2022 @ Busstop Bar Grindelwald 

18.03.2022 @ Pusterum 

19.03.2022 @ Joe Exotics Mansion (Sursee)

25.03.2022 @ Studio 88b (New rehearsal room) 

30.03.2022 @ Cervo Zermatt (with Hornsection) 

01.04.2022 @ KUFA Lyss (That was a big Stage) 

03.04.2022 @ Reithalle Flohmi(Thanks Fayan) 

10.04.2022 @ Adler Hitta Zermatt 

23.04.2022 @ Visp smiles 

27.04.2022 2nd time @ Inlakech Bern 

07.05.2022 WG Gig in Köniz (Heaven and Hell) 

The list goes on

 Everything happened so quickly so most of it is a blur. We hope to see you at one of our gigs soon. 

We will keep going, much love 

People the People 



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