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23.09. Release Party @ Mahogany Hall

We are releasing our first EP after 1 year of People the People ! Come on down to celebrate this huge milestone with us in the oldest music venue in the capital of Switzerland !

24.09. "Home Game" with special guest Alessia & the crazy cats 

While Lewis and Jan met in London, they also met other people. And now they are bringing them to Switzerland. Definitely an interesting combination.

free of charge
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Roller Disco

28.09. Rollshuhdisco @ Grosse Halle Bern 

Do you like it Retro ? Well we are going to be the DJ at the next roller disco at the infamous Grosse Halle in Bern! Come and get your skating moves out. They will provide you with roller skates so you have no excuses !

free of charge

Past Gigs

Here is a list of all (or most of them) the gigs we have played in the past. Thanks for being there <3 

21.07.2021 Private Rooftop Gig                                       

27.07.2021 Gig @ Fayan's place (we love you man)

31.07.2021 Stubekonzärt @ Bluemisstei (B'arts) 

01.08.2021 Gig @ Suuri Zunge (Welcome Lewis)

02.08.2021 Gig @ Dorffest Weggis w/ Alessia

05.08.2021 Gig @ Sur le pont Bern 

14.08.2021 Gig @ Rathausgasse (what an evening)

20.08.2021 Private Rooftop Gig Bümpliz 

04.09.2021 Rock n' Rave (we love playing in nature)

02.03.2021 Gig @ C2 Collective (like twice) 

03.05.2021 WG Gig 

21.10.2021 Gig @ Manud Zermatt (first 4 piece) 

30.10.2021 @ Inlakech Bern 

06.11.2021 @ Inch Club Fiesch 

-Winterbreak (Recording Session @ Influx) 

05.03.2022 @ Busstop Bar Grindelwald 

18.03.2022 @ Pusterum 

19.03.2022 @ Joe Exotics Mansion (Sursee)

25.03.2022 @ Studio 88b (New rehearsal room) 

30.03.2022 @ Cervo Zermatt (with Hornsection) 

01.04.2022 @ KUFA Lyss (That was a big Stage) 

03.04.2022 @ Reithalle Flohmi(Thanks Fayan) 

10.04.2022 @ Adler Hitta Zermatt 

23.04.2022 @ Visp smiles 

27.04.2022 2nd time @ Inlakech Bern 

07.05.2022 WG Gig in Köniz (Heaven and Hell) 



We believe thats all of them. Everything happened so quickly so most of it is a blur. We hope to see you at one of our gigs soon. 

We will keep going, much love 

People the People 



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