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Meet the band 

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Jan Imboden 

The heart of the band is Jan Imboden (24). A young man that hails from the middle of the Alps of Switzerland. Hes the main singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist. Taking drum lessons as a kid, he layed a solid rhytmic foundation for his Guitar playing and Songwriting. He didnt discover music for himself until the age of 18, until he started to dig deeper into music and discovered the 70s. Ever since then he felt inspired to pick up a guitar and he has been writing beautiful songs about freedom, love, the meaning of life, heartbreak and is simply here to make anyone that wants to listen, feel better. He has found his Soulmate, music. His voice, raw and powerful and his lyrics, deep and melodic. Through travelling alone, with not much more than his guitar, he has encountered many situation and people and has gathered a lot of important Life experience. Funny enough, his main source of inspiration, since the beginning has been... People. Having worked and played with many musicians and different projects, he was able to absorb what it takes to be an Artist, on and off the stage. From living in the United States, wadding through jungles in South America and Asia and refining his musicianship in London, everything lead up to him being an independend Artist in the beautiful Capital city of Switzerland.

Lewis Slinger 

The soul is difficult to explain, and so is Lewis Slinger (25) a.k.a Chill Percival, The Moon Man Musician from the deep south of London. He is also a Singer/Songwriter and is a perfect addition to Jans approach of writing. It takes a book to describe the bond and experiences these two have formed. Even to experience their friendship is worth getting a ticket for, let alone them playing music together. They crossed paths for the first time in 2019 and since then they have been to many places. Lewis will make you question things before you even get to talk about the weather, hands down. All vibes here. He can seranade you with his Songs on guitar, he will play the flute at any given moment, juggle when he needs to move, meditate when things are getting crazy. He loves to stay outside, grow vegetables and home is no place for him but a feeling. Simply put, you might not be able to take the city out of the boy, but you can certainly put the boy in the forest. He adds charisma to the band that can not be replaced and musically his ears hear color and he has a thing for unconventional instruments. Its a nice touch for sure.

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Max Nyafli 

The brain, it works in many interesting ways... And interesting is also Maximilian, or Max Nyafli (25). He lives and works in Bern, Switzerland. Max plays the bass and does a lot of the arrangments for the songs. There is no doubt that he was born to be a musician. He has played more gigs than the rest of the band together and no matter if he plays the bass, the guitar or the Piano, he will always leave you with your jaw on the floor. Not only is he a great musician but also, the kindest character you can meet with his heart is full of love, a perfect addition. Max joined People the people after randomly bumping into Jan after hearing him play in the streets. Even though he is already busy enough with teaching music, studying Jazz and being a big part of many bands, there was something about these 2 guys that wouldnt quite leave him alone. We are very glad he feels that way...

Alessandro Alarcon

Last but not least... the body: it keeps all thats inside together and in this case it is no other than the charming Alessandro Alarcon (26). Its no secret that every band is only as good as their drummer. And he is the perfect example of what a drummer needs to do: keeping the time and serving the song. He is very calm and pays attention to details. Alessandro joined People the people only 3 days before going to record but having played together with Max beforehand, there was no doubt that he will rightfully own the most important spot in the band. He is a lover of Art and music, from classical to Pop he knows all the good stuff and not only does he know it, he can also play it. His talent paired with his calmness makes him the ideal player to carry these heartfelt songs.

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