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The core of the group form 5 creative, handsome, talented and (sometimes) crazy lads. Hungry for change with freedom in their eyes, all about living young, wild and free. In a time where the gap between left and right could not be more widespread, these guys are here to bring the people back to the people, through love and the mighty power of music. With powerful verses, catchy choruses and beautiful vocal harmonies they connect different genres like: Rock, Folk and soul. Their energy on stage matched with their powerful songs that are performed by a band of in total 9 members are guaranteed to get your bodies moving, your cheeks smiling and your thoughts roamingDefinitely an act to watch out for!

 Get ready for the people, people.

People the People

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Last but not least, we need you! We can not bring the people back together without the people!

So help us spread our message around the world, because you know the answer is inside of you!

"Cant you see that all we need is already insight of you and me"

Peace and Love 

People the People